Application - Killswitchh

Good afternoon,

My name is Steve or my ign Killswitchh, I’d really like the opportunity to join the guild on Area 52. I played the expansion when it first came out for a few weeks but had to put it down to tend to my family and also because I left my last guild. Honestly the combination of the Guild leaders political comments, the way he treated people during raids, the effort to find a good new guild, and the family thing just sparked a break from the game. So with all that said, I’m back. I play shammy 95% of the time, I really like elemental/restro so I’m open to running as a healer to heal with clearing content. I have discord and can join the server, should you have me. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.


Hi Killswitchh and welcome to the community. You’ve already done the “hard” part by getting registered and approved on the forums. Go ahead and join our discord (link is at and ping @Wow-H Officer to get in touch with someone to get you a ginvite and all set up. Alternatively, you can use the in-game guild finder to get an invite just be sure to include your discord/forum name in the notes.

Look forward to gaming with you!