Application - Larksper

Hello! My name is Larksper and I’m hoping to join the guild.

I tried out WoW a few years ago but it didn’t click with me (never reached max level). But I came back at the end of BFA and have been loving it since then! I’ve spent most of my time playing casually and leveling various characters (trying and failing to pick a ‘main’). But I’ve settled on my hunter as my favorite class so far and recently reached level 60. I’ve been going at it solo since I started playing and, now that I feel more comfortable in the game, I would love to make some friends and play with others.

I can already tell I’m an alt-o-holic so definitely want to keep leveling up my other characters with a goal to have at least one join each of the covenants.

Also, I’m eager to try out end game content like mythic dungeons and the Castle Nathria raid but have been intimidated to try PUGing. I’m ready to read/watch guides, listen to advice and put in the effort to improve my gameplay to join end game but I’d feel more comfortable doing so with guildies rather than random strangers.

I saw the post on the Proudmoore forums and thought Evolved sounded exactly like a guild I would love to join! Please let me know if you have any questions for me. Thank you!

Welcome aboard!

I think you’ll enjoy it here. We have a lot of people into different aspects of the game so you’ll definitely be able to find your comfort level. We offer mythic+ mingle nights which are a way we help acclimate people to mythic dungeons who might otherwise have been hesitant and we do an alt Castle Nathria raid on Sundays that is a great way to get a feel for raiding and see if it’s your cup of tea as well.

Your forum registration should link you to our discord which will get you setup to get invited into the guild. Please let us know if you are having any issues. The easiest way to join once setup on discord is to use the guildfinder app with your forum/discord name at the front so we know it’s you!