Application - Mizsen

Hey all. I came across you guys on the WoW forums and you seemed like a perfect fit. I hope you’re still taking applicants. If so, I have two questions.

  1. I’m a returning player after a long break (Cata). I wanted to level a new character and i wasn’t sure if i should start from scratch on Area 52 (my old server was Hellscream). Does the server you’re on limit you in any way?

  2. I’m having problems finding the discord link, I’m not sure how I’m going to effectively beg for gold if i can’t get in there :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting everyone. -Miz

Hi and welcome! We are in open recruitment and since you’re posting here it looks like your account is already approved. There shouldn’t be any limits on the server, it’s just big so occasionally we’ll get login queues but they’re pretty rare and usually at just the start of the expansion. The discord link is on the homepage of, so if you go back to the main page before these forums you can just hope in.

Otherwise you can /who evolved and ask if any officers are on to get you your guild invite. Welcome again!

First the copy pasta part: Welcome. :slight_smile: Since you’re already approved on our website here, you just need an officer to get you an invite in-game. You can join our discord server through the link on our main web page (once you join, follow the DMed directions from the bot). You can then head to #wow-h-chat to see if there’s an officer available. Or you can request to join in the guild finder in game and we can add you when someone is on. Please make sure to put your forum/discord name in the note box.

Welcome! we look forward to having you join up!! For gold we do have a weekly lottery that our members partake in and we just “spiced” it up recently for SL and SL pre patch!!!

You beat me!! ahhhhhhhhh

I know, i’m quick :smiley: