Application - Mofongah

Hi all,
I would like to apply for guild, looking forward to raiding again in SL. Been playing WoW since BC, raided on and off throughout, was progressing in BoD when previous guild fell apart, been casual ever since. Not looking into hardcore raiding again, with family and work, the raid times work for me.

Looking forward to prove my spot in the new xpac if available.
Thank you.

Hi! Welcome to Evolved! Since you’re posting here, it means your account is already approved!

You can log onto the discord from the frontpage of this website - Once you log in you can pop into the #botspam channel and set your membership using Jedbot. Then we can get you an invite whenever the servers come back up! Whenever that is…hopefully soon because I’m running out of time killers :D.

Anyway, welcome welcome! We’ll be happy to have you join us on our next great adventure!

Oh yeah, you can also just message me on discord: Aellice#1735 if you have any issues with jedbot or joining the server or getting an invite.