Application/new member Elro

Greetings everyone

I am a returning casual player that’s been away from the game for close to 10 years. I think I purchased the Cataclysm update and then never played.

I have two adult children that are now out of the house so I’m hoping I can return to a game I really enjoyed. I’ll take advantage of the character boost to level 50 for one of my toons, probably my paladin, since they can fill any of the main three rolls. I don’t necessarily play often so it might take a while before I could be close to any endgame content but I definitely enjoy running random dungeons or raids and I’m looking forward to going back and catching the ones I’ve missed along the way.

I’ve played both healer and Tank, I’ll probably start as a healer until I get caught up on the game and my class.

Glad to find a community of older and more casual players who want to have fun and not just focus on being LEET. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring my Pally and Priest over to the server and maybe some of my other alts. Look for Elrohire or Elrosire or variations of Elro/Elra. You can call me Elro or El or L… or “hey new guy”!

Hello! Welcome back to the game! Now is a really exciting time to be joining again. Sorry didn’t respond before now. Been crazy busy and not had the chance to log onto the forums.

It’s totally fine to take your time to end game. I tend to play at my own pace too!

If you haven’t yet, jump on our Discord and get set up there:

To get in invite you can of course ask on Discord or the fastest way is to search for Evolved in the guild finder and apply there. Make sure to include your Evolved forum name or Discord user name in the note section!

And of course if you have any questions, make sure to reach out! You can always message me on Discord or in game. Most of my characters start with Star in game lol

Look forward to seeing you in game!