Application - Oshke

I have played wow since vanilla. I started out bad and now I am a fairly decent player. Unholy DK is my main. I prefer hardcore mythic plus and I am looking to form a regular group and help others. CE raiding is something I have always dreamed about but the guilds I have been in just never make it there. My CE dreams are on hold as work and life make it very difficult to cut out that kind of time. WoW is the game I stick with. I look forward to what comes next and I hope you all will give my application a shot.

Hey there! First of all, welcome to Evolved!! Head on over to the discord and hang out. If you’re in need of a guild invite still and an officer isn’t on feel free to use the guild finder and search Evolved Community. Just make sure to include your forum name at the start of the application so we know it’s you. :slight_smile: So glad to have you join us!