Application - Pagle


I Didn’t see a section in the Pagle forums for an application.

But my names Manny. im 30 from NJ . Looking to join a guild and recap the experience of teamwork and working together as a group to succeed in what adventures we will all find ourselves in. I am currently leveling a mage id like to get to 60 and once TBC releases i would work on an Enhancement Shaman. Heard this was a great community from a friend of mine. Really excited to join and re-enjoy the classic wow experience as a community.


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Good day Manny.

My name is Scybil and I am the RO for our Pagle Classic guild. If you wouldn’t mind reaching out to be on Discord (Nyx #4163) or in game Sybile, I can help get you set up. :slight_smile: Thanks for reaching out!