Application - Pagle

Hey, if there is a better place to post this application please let me know, I didn’t see any specific application procedure or section in these forums.

I play a warlock in TBC (Drizl on Pagle), and was recently in an Evolved guild run in a normal dungeon, and was encouraged to apply online.

I’m primarily looking for a casual raiding guild, I started off hardcore raiding in WotLK (some pugs in BC) as an ele shaman, and towards the end of Ulduar + TOC got really into minmaxxing + trying to parse high. I ended up with some top parses in wrath and Cata for ele shaman DPS and managed to clear all content normal/heroic from WotLK Naxx to Cata Firelands (quit halfway through Firelands).

From there I quit to go to college/do real life things, playing off and on trying to get gladiator in 3v3 arena every so often.

I leveled to 70 in tbc and have the itch to get into some alt raids, maybe get in once a week or once a month to a kara or a gruul’s but CANNOT commit to full time 2 or 3 nights a week raiding.

I’m mainly looking for a good community that also does some relaxing raid pugs, maybe some heroic 5 mans, and maybe just hanging out in discord doing bgs or arenas every so often.

Would be happy to answer any questions or clarify anything but hoping to hear back about a possible membership spot for a washed up WoW player!

my discord is drizl#4906, and my bnet is drizl#1315 - I’ll be more responsive ingame or through bnet but either works!

Dont need to post a APP. Just hop on discord via the website (Upper right hand corner as a game pad) or via forums in the Evolved Community Information

Welcome to the Community