Application - Poohma

Hey y’all.

My name is Poohma, and I’m a returning WOW player looking for a guild. I pretty much skipped BFA completely, so it’s been awhile and I’m just getting back into the flow of things. My main is a druid, and I usually play resto though I’m open to learning balance and also plan on leveling an alt or two.

I found your recruitment post on reddit I believe, and it kind of ticked all of the boxes I was looking for. I have raid experience and would like to raid, but I’m much more of a casual player right now and my current work schedule doesn’t allow me to have 100% attendance. I would love to meet some nice new people to play with.

I’m in the discord currently. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me! Thanks.

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Hey! :slight_smile: Since you’re already approved on our website here, you just need an officer to get you an invite in-game. You can join our discord server through the link on our main web page (once you join, follow the DMed directions from the bot). You can then head to #wow-h-chat to see if there’s an officer available. Or you can request to join in the guild finder in game and we can add you when someone is on. Please make sure to put your forum/discord name in the note box.

If you are interested in raiding with us, please be sure to read through our raid rules. In a few weeks we will have an Open Raid available on Sunday nights too!

Just shout if you have any questions! Severinne#3611 on Discord.

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