I saw your post on the wow forums. Was wanting to look into joining the guild and possibly getting a raid spot.

I’ve been playing WoW since Burning Crusade on and off. Holy Paladin has been my main since the end of Wrath, I also play Sub Rogue for PvP only

I play Venthyr Holy Paladin, you can find me on Warcraftlogs as Profender-Area 52. Just started playing again after a few months break so I don’t have many logs from 9.1 since this is my first week back. Currently 226 iLvl and 3/10 heroic.

I am Profender#6779 on Discord

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Hey there ! If you’d like to join we would love to have another healer in our tanks

We do require folks that heal or tank to have DPS offspecs ready Incase of comp requirements , other than that I think you’d have a lot of fun here !

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Adding to what Eskerino said…go ahead and hop in our discord (link is top right controller icon on home page) and then get an in game invite through guild finder or reaching out to a member in game!

Look forward to slaying with you!

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