Application - Puggie - Player transferring to A52 soon

Hey there! I recently came across you guys on a recruitment post in the wow forums and decided to check ya’ll out.

I’ve been raiding since BC, sometimes hardcore, sometimes only going as far as LFR, but I always end up wanting to come back to play. I didn’t really get into BFA, as I did not really enjoy the systems they put in place, so instead I’ve been raiding classic for the past year or so. With shadowlands releasing and BFA coming to a close I’m on the hunt for a guild that has likeminded goals, and enjoyable people to be around. I like to raid in an organized group, and do mythic + with regular faces.

I mostly play a mage right now, however I do have experience with both main tank and off tank rolls. My plans are to transfer to A52 this week from Illidan, as I’m from NY and want to play on a server with east coast times being a priority.

My armory is:

I can be reached on discord Carib#0098 or Bnet Caribsoul#1792

Thanks and hope to hear from you guys soon!

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Hey Puggie!

Judging by what you’ve described of how you play as “somtimes hardcore, sometimes only as far as LFR” I think you’ll really be able to find a good fit in Evolved! We have our main progression raid which does raid AOTC as well as an open raid. We have mythic+ groups running often as well as a dedicated night for mythic+. All of our events are scheduled with server time, so it also sounds like the timing will fit well also!

For application to the guild, you’ve already met the majority of the requirements (which is creating a forum account). So if you’d like to talk to us more, or get an invite in game you can join our Discord server from the link on the front page of the website. You’ll just have to set yourself up with Jedbot once you get into the Discord server (simply follow the instructions you’ll receive in a DM from the bot) and you’ll be able to see all of the channels. You can also ping @WoW-H Officers in Discord to see if any of us is currently online to assist you.

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Hiya Kyarel,

Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate the response. I’ll go ahead and set myself up on discord, and will message around as soon as my transfer finalizes.

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved! We are really glad you decided to join our amazing community! :smiley: