Application - Rîddle

Hey there.

I’m looking for a guild to be playing in Shadowlands. I’m brand new to the game, stopped playing Albion and came to WoW as soon as I heard about Shadowlands, most of my friends who played BFA said the game was not worth it. As soon as the patch went live I bought the shadowlands expansion and now i’m looking for a new home where I can learn about the game and make some friends.

I got plenty of MMORPG experience as a background, the most recent one is Albion. I can call myself a semi-hardcore player, of course I prioritize IRL stuff but I’m always down to spend as many hours as possible in-game.

Hope the explanation above is enough since there was no guides on how to apply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey there Riddle, we’re happy to have you here. Since you’re all set up on the website you can access the Discord link on the front page and get setup with jedbot (feel free to ask in #evolved-general if you have any issues). Then you can see if an officer is available to send you a guild invite. If nobody is around at the time, you can also search for us in the guild finder (Evolved Gaming) and send a join request including your forum name as the note. Let us know if you have any other questions!