Application - Roxón

Hi there! I’m Roxón (Nate IRL). I’m a new transplant from Turalyon (as of today) and will soon pull my other 60’s over. I’ve played since vanilla launch and also dabble in a few other MMOs - FF14, ESO, and even old school EQ. My intention, even after bringing my other characters to the server, is to main this character (priest).

I’ve been looking for potential guilds to apply to this past week before jumping on the server and decided to apply here before thinking about anywhere else. I really like the guild’s structure and I can’t find a single bad thing anyone has said about the group. This feels like the place for me!

I’ve played various classes at a mid to high level through several expansions but have also had my share of fun at the casual level. It really comes down to the people you’re playing with and you all seem like a great bunch.

Thank you for the consideration and have a great day!

Rox - Dominate#1540
Discord - Roxon#2876

Hi Rox! Nice to meet you!

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Hi Nate! You’ve done the “hard” part in getting approved on the forums. Hop on our discord (link is in the upper right of our home page ), follow the pleasant commands of our fearless jedbot to get setup, and reach out to an officer in game or use guild finder (include your forum name in the app) to join us!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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