Application Saavior

Hello all. I found out about this Guild in Forums on the wow website. I signed up on evolved website and got approved and tried to get an invite into discord. It keeps telling me that it can’t except invite. Not sure what I did wrong but I would love to join this guild. I play a ret paladin on area 52 horde who’s ilvl is only 206. Been tired of playing by myself being stuck in guilds with lack of communication. I call myself a casual player because I’m mostly on during the weekends due to my work schedule. If I could get an invite into the guild, that would be great.

Hi there Saavior! Once approved on the website, as you are, all you have to do is join our discord (link is found as the controller icon on top right of and get an invite in game (easiest way is using guild finder and including forum name in comments). Once you’re in discord just follow jedbots instructions and you’ll be all set!