Application - Siaelile

Hello, my name is Siaelile, also known as Jasti, and I was referred here by word of mouth. I’m looking to transfer to Area 52 tomorrow and was looking for a guild to progress through after my previous guild fell apart after BoD, I took a break during 8.2-8.3. I’m looking to push as far as I can as during Shadowlands. I’m currently planning on maining Rogue, playing all 3 specs but mainly Subtelty. I have experience playing tank as well. I’ll have links to my characters to show my previous experience. You can reach me at Runeloz#11456 on BNet aor at Dawson#6414 on discord.ì#zone=21&difficulty=4 - warrior logs from when i raided in BoD before break.
Thank you for reading.

Hey there Siaelile ! We would be glad to have you, if you want make sure to check out the website and read through the Charter, and Raid rules!

If everything looks good, you are more than welcome to join the discord, and go to #jedbot-authentication channel and sign up there.

IN GAME you can /who Evolved Gaming and ask anyone to direct you to an officer for an invite.

We have a lot of members that play at all different levels of play. I think just about anyone could find a friend or two here.

I’ve never ONCE played a rogue , but then again maybe it’s because I have never laid my eyes on one !

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Hi there! Since you’re posting here, you already have an account approved, so welcome!!! You also now have access to the discord, you can find the link on the frontpage of this website. Once you log in, you can use Jedbot to set your permissions, and then any horde officer can get you a guild invite.

If you want to raid with us, please read the raid rules (Raid Schedule and Rules), and come prepared. We actually have a meeting this thursday at 8:30 EST to discuss the expansion and raid plans at that time.

Again, welcome! As soon as you catch an officer, we can get you an invite!

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Glad to have you join us! Make sure to reach out if you have any questions! :smiley: