Application - Skeletonpope (spooky)

Hey all, I am Spooky and I am returning after a few months off and looking for a good group to hang with, I am currently starting to level, my lvl 50 disc priest through threads of fate, I saw your all’s post on the wow forums and the raid nights work with my work schedule so eventually it could be a great fit. I have a family so I’m out of the super committed area of gaming but the couple hours a night is great for me, and I also am off during the days on wed, thurs, fri and sat so I do a lot of gaming during those times while the kids and wife are at school. I love running M+ and doing raids, have messed around with pvp as well, I am not in the discord yet but I look forward to joining up and to get going with you guys. I raided CN and got AOTC on a dps but I did tank most of it before my guild fell apart, I have done all 3 specs in all content but enjoy healing the most. Will talk to you all soon

Hello there Spooky! Just let us know when you are on discord and we can invite you into the guild! See you soon!

I’m in the discord, I’m unfortunately at work lol - but will be in game sometime tomorrow probably I work midnights so I usually play mostly Wed, Thurs, Fri :slight_smile: