Application - Sokpala

Hi Everyone,

I am Sokpala (or just “Sok”) and I play all 3 paladin spec. My main spec is Holy and I love to raid, run M+ dungeons, get achievements, transmogs, mounts, do some PVP (random BGs), etc.
Been playing WoW since November 2004, with a couple of breaks here and there.
Was 11/12M in Nya’lotha and got burned out pushing for Cutting Edge. Looking to get AOTC each tier, and looking for an active guild to do activities other than raiding with. I read your guild’s recruitment post and it sounds like the guild I’ve been looking for, for a long time.

This is my profile, in case anyone is curious:

Sounds like we are a magically beautiful fit! You’ve already done the “hard” part in getting registered on our forums…all you need to do now is join the discord (link found in upper right of homepage) and get a guild invite (either from an online officer or the guild finder being sure to include forum name in comments). Welcome!