Application to Join - Darkblaze

Hello, I am a returning player from way back in the beginning of Cataclysm, started playing a week ago. My main since I started playing the game in the beginning of Burning Crusade is warrior. Its been kind of crazy basically relearning the game and learning all the different new things I need to grind and gearing up. I like raiding, getting achievement points, and playing some alts(eventually). Im hoping to get know some people and make some new friends in the guild, and eventually getting geared enough to join the guild raids.

Excited to be part of a new community.



We have a surprising mix of more recent players coming back to the game and those of us who never stop. I think you’ll find it fairly easy to get back into the swings of things with us and think you’ll find a good home here.

Registering should have given you our discord information that should help you get set up so we can get you in guild. Please let us know if you have any troubles getting set up.

Forgot to look back here but saw you in game, thank you! Now just have to not be shy and group up with Guildies for things when the opportunity arises