Application to Join (Gnommy)


My name is Mathews and I’m pretty new to the game. I know, games has been out for 15 years but still I’ve never touched it till now.

I’m looking for a solid community to be apart and nurture myself. From experience in other MMORPGs the solid based communities are always the best place to learn. I’ve been playing BM Hunter for now because this is one of the easiest beginner classes in WoW (according to yt videos), but don’t get me wrong, once I get the groove I’m down to explore whatever the guild needs to help.

Apart from that I do consider myself a semi-hardcore player, and I pretend to invest many hours into the game.

My battletag: Artista#11426

hello and welcome to the guild. i look forward to playing the game with you

Hiya and welcome to Evolved!

Let me know if you need a guild invite on the Alliance side.

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore