Application to Join - Kalec

Greetings and well met fellow travelers.
I am an old time player pre-2004 of World of Warcraft.
Been an avid dungeon/raider before Cata. Have missed the structured laughter of Who did that? or Who stepped in poo?
Have a long time friend join recently, he has spoken highly of a large active community.
Long have I missed the battles, sitting around with a good ale. Telling stories of our victories.

With current guild since vanilla, we keep going for our GM who passed few years back.
Thank you for taking your time in considering me to join your comminuity.

Best regards, Kalec

Welcome, glad to hear positive word about us is spreading! We are definitely large with lots of activities to take part of. It looks like you already set yourself up on discord. The best way to get invited will be to use the guildfinder in game and include your forum name so we know it’s you.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting you!

I have done in-game request. Waiting on approval.
Thank you.