Application to join - Khazrah

Hey everyone, my in-game name is Khazrah, but I go by Jay. I have just recently got back into WoW after taking some time off to focus on some work and school. I normally played on Horde (Illidan) with over 10 characters. But I really wanted to get into Alliance and start fresh. My interests are mythic+, raiding, and arena/RBG. My main goals for WoW at this moment are to get Keystone Master and Ahead of the Curve, and I would like to make this a regular thing as patches roll out. This seemed like a nice community and that is what I truly want in the long run, just a group of people that like to socialize and play the game.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Welcome aboard!

We are definitely a ridiculous and social guild and regularly take part in all those activities. Your registration should include details to our discord which you will then be able to link your forum and discord info to get you in game. The easiest way to join up will be to use the guildfinder app and include your forum/discord name first so we can link it to you and get you in game.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, I did not receive any Discord info with the email. But I guess I can just use the guildfinder in game and add my info.

This post has discord info, you’ll want to use discord as all our chat and grouping is done through the app.