Application to join - Mindbust

Howdy all,

My name is Daniel IRL. Husband and father of 3. I am currently active duty military in the Navy. I was a member of Evolved back in BFA but stopped playing due to deployment and real life commitments. Looking forward to rejoining and kicking some butt.

My plan is to level a guardian druid and get serious about some M+ action!


Hey Mindbust!

Welcome back! If you haven’t already gotten an invite back, you can:

  1. Whisper an officer in game with your forum name or
  2. Write in our #wow-a-chat on Discord that you’re looking for an invite or
  3. Apply via the in-game guild finder, include your forum name as the first word in the comment. An officer will accept you the next time one logs in. (really the easiest lol)

So glad you’re finding time to play again.