Application to join- Morethanforever

Hi, I’m Morethanforever

I am a newer player to Wow and am looking for a nice guild to start out with. I’ve read the info about your guild and think it would be a great place for me. I am still learning but I am very serious about this game and leveling up my characters. I am a 20 year old Female. Even though I am still learning, I’ve been taking a lot of time to research and learn as much as I possibly can about this game. I am open to criticism and advice! Anything that will help me get better at the game I am welcome to. I love to play healers and the hunter class. I would love to raid with you guys.

Thank you for the consideration! I hope we could be a good fit!

Welcome aboard!

I think you found a great place as well, we take players of all experiences and interests so you’ll be able to figure out what parts of the game you enjoy most and take part of. We have a Sunday open raid that’s great for learning the ins and out as well as our more dedicated raids and all kinds of stuff in between. To get started your registration should give you information to join our discord where most of the day to day chat and voice chat happens. You’ll be able to link your discord to our forums from there and get fully registered to join up.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting you!

I would love to do the sunday raid! How would I go about getting into that?

We run it at 6PM Server on Sundays with invites going out about 15 minutes prior. We do require participants to meet our raid requirements which can be found on discord in the #wow-a-Announcements, but those are just links to the forums and specifically this post: