Application to Join - Mybowbroke

Hi, My in game name is mybowbroke and I am looking to join a stable casual guild that I can do small grp content with occasionally. I am very casual, infrequent player in fact I am coming back from 5 month hiatus. My hobbies are reading JP light novels, dabble into programming to automate some chores and play RPG games. My reason for hiatus was guild implosion on small server (lightbringer) so I transferred to high pop realm to make a fresh start for 9.1

I plan to run mostly low level M+ keys, I am not so much interested in loot but to see content in normal mode setting before next patch comes out.

Welcome, we run a fairly wide range of guild, but definitely have plenty for the more casual side to do. You’ll probably enjoy our mythic mingles where we try to help ease people into M+ keys in a guild setting, we will be having open raids on Sundays for the new raid tier and are about to wrap up our prior raid open raids that allow people a chance to experience the raid in normal or on alts. We also have achievement run activities for people who want to go back to old content and get those mounts and titles.

You should have a discord invite information sent your way to get setup for chat and most of our daily chit-chat. The best way to get in guild from here is to use the guildfinder app in game and mention your forum name so we can link you to it.

Please let us know if you have any questions!