Application to Join - Nagalink

Hi there,

I found out about Evolved through a guild recruitment post on the WoW forums. I started playing during MoP and have primarily been playing WoW as a solo player off and on since then. I returned since Shadowlands launched and have been enjoying the content a lot more and I wanted to find a community of players to feel more connected to the world. I was first on Tichondrius as a fire mage, but decided to roll an alliance fury warrior on Proudmoore. (this is actually my first time in alliance since playing retail WoW lol)

I primarily played FFXIV and enjoyed completing extreme trials/savage raid content. One part I really enjoyed about my time there was always having people to do content with and just chat with in Discord and in-game. Since they disbanded, however, I found myself lost again with no community to be apart of. I’m interested in joining Evolved because I really liked what I read through in the charter and felt like the guild has the structure and culture that I want to be a part of.

Although I am currently in the process of leveling/learning my class, my overall goal in the guild would be to eventually participate in M+ and to raid. I have never made it to this content in WoW, but with the right community of players, I would be more inclined to actually play the game long enough to make it there. However, I do think the communication/teamwork skills I picked up from my time raiding in FFXIV would help when it comes to learning the ins-outs of this game.

Excited to be a part of a new community and have a reason to call WoW my new home. Thanks for reading.


Welcome aboard! I think you’ll be pleased that we have activity in both horde and alliance as well as FFXIV and other games. I keep telling myself, that I’ll find the time to at least finish the story in FFXIV. You are more than welcome to level grow at your own speed with us and when you are ready to start ramping up your endgame experience there is usually a lot of people who can help you get your feet wet.

Let us know if we can help you ease in with us!