Application to join - Penty & Tiriella

Hi guys

Applying for Evolved for 2 (possibly 4) people - myself (warlock), my girlfriend (disc priest) and possibly two other family members (hunter and DK).
I’m a wow vet from vanilla and took a break midway though BFA to go to Classic - which was tremendous. It had the one thing (other than a mega nostalgia trip) that retail has a tough time replicating - friendliness and sociability. Folks worked together, chatted, hung out and worked as a team! Imagine that!
I know the systems and mechanics of retail don’t exactly encourage socializing so much but I know it exists - you just have to look for it. So here I am.
Would we like to raid? Sure but we’re not hardcore these days by any means. We are looking to just hang with folks, run dungeons, raid, level alts - social stuff! My mantra is - if you can’t be social in an MMO what’s the point? Go play Skyrim or The Witcher 3 instead (which I love also btw).
We have both been hardcore raiders in vanilla & classic and everywhere in-between but are happy just play and hang out.
Hope to see y’all soon in-game - look for Penty the gnome warlock and Tiriella the gnome priest.

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Great to have you all. You’ll find we offer activities for all levels of gaming interest. You can join the raid teams or just hit up our open raids on Sundays to dabble. We also have a lot of dungeons and other group stuff to do the rest of the time.

We do require each person to register on the forum seperately so they can link their account to our discords for tracking purposes. That discord information should have been linked as part of the forum registration process. Please let us know if there are issues getting set up, so we can assist.

Hello and Welcome to Evolved to both of you! We are really glad you decided to join our community! Make sure to reach out if you have any questions! :smiley: