Application to join - SneakyBastrd

Hello I’m a newly returning player coming back to WoW after being gone for almost 4 years. Looking forward to leveling and doing what I can before Shadowlands hits. I found out about you guys thru Gurina and Coxworth. I currently have multiple toons that are 120 but mostly play on my Druid tank which is on Proudmoore. I’m 41 married from Florida and got 4 kids all girls besides my 4 year break from WoW I played since vanilla. Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Howdy Sneaky,

I raided w/ Cox/Gurina and friends quite a bit this raid tier, It’s been really fun and I’m sure you’ll fit right in! When ever you’re ready you can PM any WoW-A Officers you see online on the sidebar of discord, and if you haven’t joined the discord server yet you can do so at

There’ll be a few authentication commands to do in the Jedbot-authentication channel and you’ll be all set up!