Application to Join

Hello, I am a long time player who skipped BFA to return for Shadowlands. My current highest toon is a ilvl 209 60 Warrior, I am 10/10 Normal and 7/10 Heroic on Castle Nathria. I am looking to move back to Alliance as I don’t really like the Horde races for transmog, my addiction, and I would like to focus on tanking over DPS. I also have a fresh 60 Monk and DK, with the other tanks at 50. I am willing to tank on pretty much anything, just may need time to gear up or level depending. I would love to tank M+s, I have only tanked as high as a 9 atm, and raids, I have tanked Normal Nathria up to Council. I am also willing to DPS, just not on the Warrior as I am not really enjoying them this expansion. Please let me know if there may be an opening for me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Wlecome, we won’t dictate your class, but for raiding we do requires tanks and heals to be willing to play a dps offspec if that helps you determine a class you might want to play with us. We have a lot of M+ action and can always use another body who wants to tank M+.

To get in the guild you should be sent an email that will help you join the discord and set you up for wow-a . From there you can either ping us for an invite in discord or use the guildfinder with your discord name so we can match you up and get you an invite. Please let us know if you have any questions and welcome aboard.