Application to join

My name’s Sedri. I started playing WoW early Legion. I’m looking for a new guild because WoW is very boring if all I’m doing is dailies and have no friends to play with. I was in the same guild for legion and early BfA. Uldir and just BfA in general made almost the entire guild quit. Went to another guild to raid mythic in EP. Got to Orgo and the team imploded due to stupid drama, I’ve been mostly solo since.
I am interested in raiding and M+, but I doubt I can commit the time for hardcore at least not for the next few months.


We might just be what you are looking for! We raid with the aim of AOTC and anything else we do is just bonus. We also don’t have hardcore raid requirements, some people only raid once a week, and if you decide raiding is not for you at the moment we still have plenty of M+ groups running regularly.

Hope to hear from you soon and if you have any issues setting up on our discord please let us know so we can assist!

Hi Sedri,

Glad you found us :smiley: I hope you find your permanent wow home with us. We are a zero-tolerance on drama - we all play to have fun, and we don’t need any of the extra. Hope to “meet” you in game soon.

Here’s a bit of info to help get you started:

Discord link:

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use these commands to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam Sedri
    .setrole WoW-A

Guild Invite:

  1. you can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to just note your forum name from here “Sedri”
  2. you can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite
  3. ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW-A area. You can go to WoW-A Chat and @WoW-A Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. We’ll need your in game name and forum name for invite.

New member info: WoW-A New Member Guide

Looking forward to meeting you in game!


Hello and welcome to Evolved! Look forward to seeing you in game. Make sure to reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile: