Application to Join


I am apply for join as a BrM monk and for a friend as a MM hunter. We’ve been raiding since TBC and would love to be a part of your team!

We pugged 7/10H, at 1k rio

Our profiles:

I’ve signed up on discord server and set role already as parval#9401.
We’d love to trial with you on reset and server transfer asap!


heya Parval and friend!

Welcome to Evolved!

You are all set to join with application approved so as soon as you are over here we can toss you a invite. I should be online tomorrow, so you can look for “Taevii”, or you can post in discord wow-a and see if an officers around or apply in the guild finder and we will get you that way. So which ever works for you.

If you have any questions please reach out to any officer.

While you are waiting, we have a new members packet in the Proudmoore section of the forums that goes over everything from standard rules to raiding policy.

Welcome to Evolved!

I didn’t see your message after the profile links, sorry about that. that’s what I get for doing arena’s while trying to reply.

I will get with the RL’s, if a spot is open then they can do trials, so it depends on the night and how many raiders show up to see if there is room. We have a community for trails that we can get you in to coordinate that way.

You applied at the right time! One of our tanks is currently absent due to IRL events. If you are available Tuesday at 5:45pm PST we will have a tank spot available if you would like to trial with us. I may be late on Tuesday but our raid assist @Avasti can get you a raid invite. (whisper Avasti or Swimdk).

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Thank you for such quick replies, we can make the 5:45 time but wanted to confirm if there’s room for my MM hunter buddy?

Yes, we also have room for him.

Welcome to Evolved @parval :slight_smile: I hope both you and your friend will find a wow home here!

Just as a reminder, your friend will have to sign up with their own forum account (if they haven’t already) in order to join the guild. Not mandatory for raid trial, just if they want to join once transferred :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you both.


Sounds good I’ll get him signed up asap!

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If you haven’t already please take some time to read over our guild’s raid rule and etiquette.
We require all of our raiders to read and understand these. Looking forward to having you aboard.

Sound good! Looking forward to be a part of the team!

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