Application - Uryu (182 MM Hunter)

Hi - I’m interested in raiding with you all and was told to look for the signups here on the forums to get involved. It looks like that thread is locked (assuming this is it Could somebody point me in the right direction for next steps on applying to getting in the guild/raid? Thanks!

Hi there! Welcome to Evolved! If you haven’t gotten a guild invite yet, you can join our discord - link is on the front page of this website - then use Jedbot to set your permissions and open the whole discord. From there you can ask for any wow-h officer and we can get you an invite.

In order to join the raid, you’ll need to read the raid rules linked under the horde section of these forums as well, then in the discord, you’ll find a section wow-h-raid-signups-and-absences. You’ll need to read the quick blurb there and signup in that section of discord. Our raid leads will then sort you for a team, you can also ask them any further questions you may have that’s not in the raid rules or in the signups section of discord.

If Jedbot gives you issues, you can always hop into the General channel that’s unlocked for everyone on discord and ask for help. Again, welcome to Evolved, hope to catch you in game soon!