I have played WoW since SC. I’ve been interested in playing Horde again after playing Alliance for a few years on a different server. I’m not much of a raider. I usually just do dailies and LFR due to work and family obligations. I just got my hunter to level 50 in time for the expansion. Thank you for your consideration.

Hey there Velsan,

Glad to see you have found our community! The only requirement we have for joining is making an account on the website (which clearly you’ve done since you posted here). You can get into our Discord from the link on the front page of the website and set your roles up with jedbot (just let someone know if you need help, but the bot will DM you the directions once you get into our Discord server). Once there you can ping @WoW-H Officer to see if someone is online for a guild invite. Also you can search for in the guild finder in game and request an invite there, just make sure you put your forum name as your note and an officer can get to that once they are online.

See you in game :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ll do that today.