Application - Vigz

Hello everyone,

My name is Brett, I’m 43 and I am an Adult gamer who has played WoW since launch day of Vanilla. I was in the server first kill on Moonguard of Rag in Molten Core and have gotten AOTCish level progression in almost every raid since(took a break in MoP). That said, I am in desperate need of a new home. I was pretty much right before quitting WoW due to how the PuGGing, progression and other factors are working out in Shadowlands but when I saw your forum post it looked like a ray of hope! I have raided CN on multiple characters since it opened and my current progression is 9/10 H CN. The guild I am in is a raid log guild… nothing… literally nothing happens outside of raid time. Maybe 1 or 2 people on if that… and it springs to life at raid time… and promptly goes lights out after. This has lead me to have to pug literally everything else in Shadowlands outside of Raids which has been a really miserable experience. I love M+… and most of my gear comes from M+ because loot acquisition via Raid has been pretty abysmal. Pugging M+ kinda stinks now. Despite that I’ve been loyal to my guild, but after 130 wipes on Sire last night the entire environment has turned toxic and the answer has been for them to sit everyone outside of the 6 officers and a few playing meta dps classes which unfortunately my Havoc Demon hunter is not. So they will probably finally clear AOTC next week, without half the raid group… and that just feels bad to me after sticking with them this long after so many wipes across countless CN bosses we struggled on. So I have made the decision to move on. My Demon Hunter is Vigz on Sargeras. My goals are KSM(I gave up on pugging it) and AOTC… I know Sire very well after so many wipes… i Just haven’t killed him… yet. You can look up my logs.

You guys are exactly what I’m looking for… a friendly active guild that does more than just raid that understands we’re adults with commitments.

Here is what I can offer. I’m an adult, no drama player that gets along with almost everyone, does his home work and shows up ready on raid night. I can offer you the following classes and you choose anyone you want and I’m happy to Tank every Monday night for M+(I really want KSM) and DPS/Heal for raids. I’m not a great raid healer but decent on HPal. I am a solid M+ healer on paladin. DH I am solid DPS Raids or M+. I’m a good bear in any situation, a decent boomer in PVP, Raids or M+. I’d be very appreciative of a great home like this and would play any of the following:

Demon Hunter / 217ilvl / Vengance/Havoc
Paladin 220ilvl / Holy/Prot - Ret spec needs some work - PVP gear is real strong. I geared this toon in pvp
Druid 220ilvl / Balance/Guardian - Resto needs some work… havent really played it

If you guys would be willing to help me get my AOTC and KSM I’m happy to play any class. I do want to have a spot for raids(not bench) so just tell me what fits. I also have a 200ilvl shaman already on your server for alt night.

Side note: I also just started playing FF14 and want a guild there too! I only found FF14 a month ago but so far I love it… havent done any end game content but my character is DRK, PLD, RDM at 80 and will have Gunbreaker at 80 before the week is out too. I want to see some group content there too.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


Heya Vigz! Welcome! I guess I’ll start by addressing your desire for a spot in raids (not bench). Both our raid teams are currently filled and we do have a waitlist that we utilize for the members wishing to join the raid teams. Once on a team, you stay on a team. You don’t have to worry about bringing whatever character we need – play whatever character you WANT to play and we work to accommodate that character.

As for us helping you get those achievements, it is still entirely your responsibility to get groups together if you are looking to get those achievements. Sojourns into Mythic+ are hosted by the guild on Mondays, but we host Keystones 5-9 and then you are welcome to push with your group. Many members of the guild have gotten their KSM achievement already, but they did so on their own with their own drive and determination to do so. Those runs happen outside of our Mythic Monday event.

If after all this you still think we’re a good fit for what you’re looking for, then we’re thrilled to have you! Once you’re all set up in the Discord, you should send a message to @WoW-H Officer and that’ll get one of you in touch with one of the lovely officers and we can get you an in game invite!

As for FFXIV, I personally don’t play but I’ve directed the chapter leader to your post here so they can look out for you, too!

Welcome ! We are glad to have you ! Ffxiv is a great game as well - I miss the crafting!!