Application - Weeftastic

Hello! My name is Laura. My in-game name is Weeftastic.

IRL: 32, mechanical engineer. Central US time zone.

I am a main-spec resto druid but have a Boomkin offspec. This character started out as an alt, with my main being a monk (MissWeefs-Magtheridon), which I realm-changed for a guild. The guild progression has stagnated at the beginning of heroic Nathria, and starts most raids at 10pm+ which is just too late for me. Because of this (and really enjoying my druid!) I’ve decided to shift my focus back onto my druid to be my main. I’m afraid it’s a bit neglected, especially with regards to my boomkin gearset. My monk is the only non-A52 character I have. It’s available as much as I have to fill as a tank anytime, but I’m grouchy about spending the money to server-transfer it back to Area52.

My is pretty low because I’ve focused more on raids, and only done one completion weekly. My guild routinely carries ilvl160’s through 10+ for completion, so my timed keys are… low. It’s either that or Pugs right now for me if I want to build my My parses as well are fairly low, because i have very few completions with my actual guild. All of my partials have much higher parses.

I’m 9/10 heroic Nathria on both my monk tank and resto druid individually, with multiple <10% attempts, mainly on my druid. I’ve been through the double soaks multiple times.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I’m happy to answer any questions y’all might have.

Weeftastic, the ilvl213 druid I’d like to join with:

MissWeefs, my ilvl 215 monk tank:

Welcome! :slight_smile: I know you’re already in the guild in game, but if you have any questions, just let us know.