Hey bois. I played wow on and off since my beginning in TBC. I do indeed have a lot of raid experience dating back ever since then and several other MMO’s. Only problem is this is pretty much a fresh account I’m starting out on now, I lost my main account back during the beginning of legion because it was linked to a highly compromised yahoo email and was too stubborn at the time to switch.

Right now I’m just leveling out my mage here. Would love an invite to eventually play with ya’ll

I see you in discord ! That is great , someone will be able to invite you soon tm .

Or tonight we are raiding , so a lot of officers will be online ! Message me in discord after 8pm and I’ll invite you !

Hey goldladin! I see you’re in discord already so easiest thing to do would be to use guild finder and apply to the guild being sure to include forum name in comments. Otherwise you can try and catch an officer online to throw you an invite.

Welcome to the fam!