Application - Zyrael

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris but my toons are all named either zyrael or zyraesh. I am currently in the works to transfer over to Area 52 with a bunch of friends and I’m currently looking to join a guild thats social and with some raiding potential as well as Mythic +. I was reffered to this guild by the WoW guild finder tool and I believe that this guild will be a great fit for me :slight_smile:


Hi Chris (or Zyrael) welcome to A52! We just held our big Shadowlands meeting, so you can see a lot of what we have in store for the upcoming expansion in the forum notes! Evolved offers a lot in WoW (AOTC raids, mythic+ content) but the community at large offers a lot more in terms of the social aspect!

Since you’re already approved on the forums, once you get squared away on A52 just whisper anyone using /Who Evolved Gaming and we’ll be able to get you to an in game invite!

Otherwise, go ahead and set up your discord using the jedbot channel and you’ll be able to get updates on the happenings in what you subscribe to!

Welcome home fam!