Good day fellow members,

I am a long time horde player on area 52 ( since cataclysm ). Took some time off of raiding since then and have just been playing casual, I am looking for a good guild that will help get me back into the fray. Whether that is m+ or raiding I am happy to help anyway possible.

I am a father of 3 and work a full time job that sometimes requires out of town work ( very seldom ). I have pretty standard play times once I am done with family time ( thank you understanding wifey !!! )

So if you guys/gals have it in your heart to try out a 30+ year old fun loving person that does not believe in drama I feel this could be great !!

Thanks for your time


Welcome new friend! We’re happy to have ya. Once you join our Discord server, you’ll receive a DM from out bot to help you get set up. Then you’ll be able to see all of our channels — come say hi in #wow-h-chat! You can ask in there for an invite, or join through the in-game guild finder an we’ll add you when an officer hops on. See you soon.