Hello, I am a long time WoW player, since day 1 vanilla! I got back into MMORPGs over the summer, and after trying all the major ones, I realized that WoW is the MMO for me. I’ve mained Area 52 for years, and have multiple 120s.

I’ve tried to join some casual guilds for the past few months, but never really felt much kinship in them. After seeing Evolved on the forums, I was impressed. I want to make some long-term friends that I can play with comfortably and casually. I am interested in all WoW activities, it is mostly for the socialization for me. I haven’t seriously raided in the past five years, and with Shadowlands coming out soon, this seems like an ideal opportunity to get back into it.

I am 32 years old, and have played MMOs since 2001 Everquest. My Discord tag is DrWalnut#9209

You can also message me in-game on: Vraxx, Weakling, Killstreak, Vilesoul, Deathmore, Indok, and/or Mubacca. I look forward to meeting you guys!


Hi there! I just sent you a friend request on Discord, but now that you have an account on the website you’re all set to join the guild in game! Any of the officers can invite you, but you can find me on as Aellice or Masae. You also have access to the full guild discord - the link is on our website homepage at, and any horde side officer can invite you! Welcome, hope you like it here!

Welcome home fam!