Hi all,

I applied to this guild earlier today but forgot to include my website username. My IGN is Anaxandridas.

I started playing in WOTLK and raided regularly with my guild back then. I ended up quitting after wrath and when I came back my guild was pretty much broken up. I’ve been playing solo ever since but I figured now was a good time to look for a new guild since there’s only so much you can do on your own. My warlock is 441 ilvl and I have 0 raid experience beyond Dazar’alor. I also have a lvl 120 warrior, rogue, druid, monk, DH on Area 52 (H) and a mage (A). I would definitely be interested in doing some raiding in the future and trying out Mythic+ dungeons.

I have mained Affliction Warlock since wrath but also enjoy healing on my druid/monk.


Looking forward to meeting you in game!

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Welcome to Evolved! :slight_smile:

Thanks! This seems like such a well organized guild. Looking forward to gaming with you all.

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