Good morning everyone,
I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla beta wave 2. I’ve come back for each expansion with multiple breaks throughout the year. The most recent break was WoD. I’ve stuck with DH (havoc) and DK (frost/UH) as my primary characters, with the former getting most of my attention recently. My A52 friends have all dispersed and I’m looking for a new home. I enjoy multiboxing and have 15 or so decently-geared (iLvl 450+) characters available if the guild had the need. I really think your philosophy jives with my own and I’d love to join in on the action.

DH is Hypospadius, Battle tag is Cure#1103


Hey FSU! I think you’d have a lot of fun here at Evolved, we are a busy bunch!

I’ll add you in game once I get home, be on the lookout! We can chat a bit and get you all setup if everything works out !

See ya soon!

looking forward to meeting you!

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! :slight_smile:

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