Good evening,
I am currently looking for a solid M+ team. I am also interested in mainly AOTC as far as raiding goes as I feel that Mythic is far too stressful for my taste. I took a break at the beginning of BFA due to personal issues at home, and have been back now for around 2 weeks. My main is Resto Druid (ilvl 471) Neck is 86 and Cloak is at 15 current Mythic + .IO is 1767 which I am trying to improve, but without a steady team is very difficult… I am currently in a friends guild (just hanging out), but am looking for something more permanent and more meaningful than what I have at the moment. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Main: Multivitamin-Area 52 (H)

Looking forward to meeting you in game!

Who do I speak to in game to formulate a bond and make this thing official? lol

you should have received an email with our discord information and set up - that will allow you to see the officers online that are gaming currently :slight_smile: or just send a message in discord in the #wowhchat channel

Very cool. Got it. I didn’t receive an email, but I was able to find the link within the website. Thanks for all of your help

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved! :slight_smile:

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