Appreciation post

Hi everybody!

Thanks to all of you , I hit item level 454 during Sunday’s raid. Just 1 item level shy of the guild’s heroic requirement. I honestly thought when i came back to wow that I would miss out on yet another raid tier, but I didn’t. I thank you all for that.

I was initially planning to apply for the heroic raids, but I don’t think I should. It wouldn’t be fair to the others on the team. For one, I looked at my performance on the logs you are kind enough to share, and, well, I have a lot of room for improvement. I have my gear set up as optimally as possible, but I am missing a lot of DPS due to personal performance. I have been paying closer attention to my rotation and cooldown usage this week (I have been grinding Darkshore all week for transmog), and hope to see some improvement in this respect.

Another thing, the content that I should be running for gear upgrades (mid to high level keys and horrific visions) is content that I am very nervous about doing. With mythics, I just don’t know the dungeons very well, and the fact that my failure affects 4 other people negatively makes me very wary of trying. And the visions, well, I got my cloak to level 6, but the thought of trying to do 2 corrupted areas alone feels undoable, and I don’t want to ruin an attempt for others.

I understand these are both personal issues, but I honestly have no one to talk about this stuff to (except the cats, and they couldn’t care less, lol).

I really, really appreciate that you guys are so welcoming and pleasant and that you allowed me to tag along and see content that I was sure I would miss out on.


We’re here to help! If you’d like some company for visions don’t hesitate to ask in discord or in guild chat, or hit up an officer and we can help get you sorted out. Once you get further in the research table it becomes pretty easy!

Same for M+. If you’d like to run some low keys to get the hang of things, just holler — people are usually more than willing to help bang them out! You can always reach out to Jester, too. He’s an awesome M+ officer and happy to assist with questions or getting a group going.

If you’d like some help with your logs as well, we have folks who can go through them with you and see where you might need some help. is great for that too.

We’re glad you’re here, and I hope you’re having fun! :slight_smile: Feel free to DM me in discord whenever.

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The best way to get better is to run the content. Yes, you should also look at logs, especially wowanalyzer to help improve, and in this particular expansion, a good quarter if not more of your DPS Is going to be gear, azerite trait, corruption, and essence based.

And we’re here to help! If you have questions about your class, please ask any officer, if we don’t actually have an alt of that class, we know who knows how to play one, and can send you to talk to them. Often times this expansion I find that i’m actually doing my rotation and cooldowns correctly, but am not running the right essence, or azerite traits, etc. And then you need to find the gear that has that trait. And if the guild is running a mid - to - high level key, unless we specifically say we’re trying to push it, we’re doing it to show people how to run the dungeons AND for the chest at the end…and for the higher than usual chest at the end of the week. SO please, if you see someone running a 10 or 12 looking for DPS, or whichever role you’re currently working on, speak up, we’ll take you along. It’s the whole point of mythic + mondays, to get you a slightly higher than usual chest.

Plus if you remind us, someone can log the run so that we can have someone who understands the logs look it over to help you figure out what you can improve on.

And last, check out places like icyveins, blood mallet, and your class discord servers for awesome how to guides breaking down things like your current optimal rotation, gear, essences, etc. I learned a bunch about holy and shadow priesting from them.

We’re here to help. Seriously, we’re here to help, and we don’t judge if you say “hey! I need help with my DPS, can anyone reach out?”

Aww shucks! thanks ! We LOVE helping people out. Mythic + is a love/hate relationship for me. We do groups all the time and dont hesitate to ask or just jump in on one.

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I am having so much fun in game these days. Hasn’t been this enjoyable since MoP. I ran my first mythic + last night (a 2). My goal this week is to run some more of those, but most importantly is to level my cloak. Currently rank 6, and I have 7 or 8 vessels, so hopefully I can get a few more ranks in this week.

Also, I have a few max level alts that I may ask to get invited in the future, if that is ok.

Thanks again guys!



of course! bring in the alt army!

Whenever you are online with your other toons hit up one of our officers!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the guild. I love it too! We are happy you are here :blush: