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Server Name: Evolved Gaming
Server IP Address:
Server Password: monster1247

  • Password is all lowercase

As a result of Official Server instability, I decided to create this private server. As I am new to server hosting, I ask that you bear with me. I will make changes as my knowledge continues to grow. I want to ensure you are able to enjoy your time in game. At the same time, I want to preserve the essence of a survival sandbox multiplayer game.

Changes to the server will be made in small increments to preserve the aforementioned ideology. The purpose of this game is to build friendships through strength in numbers. We will come together, as a gaming community, to build a great civilization and accomplish endgame goals!

With that said, I understand that many wish to venture out on their own. I will try to accommodate this desire by allowing members to do so, but they will find it slightly more difficult, at first.

I am always open to CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. Please do not take it personally if I do not implement your feedback. I am trying to hold true to the genre ideology, and still be flexible.

I hope to see you in game!

  • Epic

The private server is down at the moment. I am making changes to the map parts, and the whole. The default map was very limited in scope and depth. I intend to add a great deal of content so that we can enjoy the game peacefully.

I will continue to update the server’s condition in subsequent posts.