Attention all ESO

With there not being alot of interest in our Elder Scrolls Online. We regret to inform you all we are not actively going to recruit for this side of our community any more.

If there are still players that are still gaming in Elder Scrolls Online there is the Gaming party voice channels as well as we are still keeping the Tag so you can still find members with in our community to play with.

@ Star (WoW-A) (RO) in discord and she can invite into the Elder Scrolls Online if people are interested. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask the Triumvirate and Board

If anyone is interested in rebooting this side of our evolved gaming please get in contact with Cataclysm or Taevarth

Recruitment In order for our Elder Scrolls Online game to prosper we need assistance in recruitment. Please if you all could go to the following website and post every now and again to keep our Community’s name on top of the list.