Attention raiders

Hey there fellow Horde Evolved Members (Evolved Horde Members sounded weird),

There are a couple issues we as a team can address in order to help create a better raiding environment for a more conducive and enjoyable environment for everyone.

So let’s start at the beginning:


Our guild asks that you be prepared for raiding before walking into the instance.

There are a number or resources the guild provides in the guild bank if you have trouble affording the necessary raiding preparations. If there is something you need from the guild bank be sure to ask an officer.

Preparedness include the following:
*Enchanted Gear (Weapon[s] and both rings)
*Gemmed Gear
*Flask (on designated days guild will provide cauldrons)
*Food (on designated days guild will provide feasts)

Know the fights:

If there is a chance we will encounter a new boss during the raid please take time before the raid to learn about the encounter. You can choose to either read about the encounter or watch a video that explains the different mechanics for your role during the fight.

Being ready for raiding when you walk into the instance will allow the raid to start on time, as well as give us an advantage on the boss encounters we will face within. Invites start at 8:15 pm server time. The first pull should take place at 8:30 pm server time.

We all try our best to set aside time to raid each week, and luckily it isn’t as bad as it used to be trying to get 40 people all on at once. We only have a set 2 hours per night to try and clear content (with up to an hour extension if enough people are willing to continue). We need to be on time to try and take advantage of as much time as we can.

AFKing / Being Late / Absent

As the sections above are to try and maximize time at the start or raids this section is trying to maximize time spent during the raid. If you do have an issue or emergency that you need to move AFK for a time, let the raid leaders know by either typing in the raid chat in game (with eta of return) or the #WoW-H-Raid-Chat in discord. There will be times when the raid leader will call for break. Try to save tasks or distractions for these periods.

If you think you will be late, please make a post in #WoW-H-Raid-Chat in discord with your in game name and how late (from start of raid time) you believe you will be late. If you have already posted that you will be late, but it begins to look like you won’t make it at all, please post your updated status in #wow-h-raid-chat.

If you know you will be unable to attend a raid during the week, please make a post in the #WoW-H-Raid-Chat in discord stating your in-game name and day(s) for the week you will be absent.


It is important for information to be transmitted and understood during intense situations. Much like a general giving out orders needs to be understood by their troops to execute a solid battleplan, we need our leaders to be able to give out orders during our boss encounters. I would like to think that we are a more relaxed raiding environment than most other guilds out there. With that said we need to try and keep coms down during boss fights. This will allow our raiders to better understand the orders given by our raid leaders and should help to ease the fight.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or anything else, please don’t hesitate to speak with an officer.