Aug 30th Meeting Notes

Im sure that everyone has noticed that Torvi has stepped down as the chapter leader due to IRL. She will still be around every now and again as her agenda gets better. I know lots of people have been asking all of the questions on what is going on around here and well this is what we have come up with.

Moving Forward

We are going to be playing this game and going to keep on recruiting for New World that comes out at the end of Sept. We are going to be staying Syndicate. We are going to be still playing on El Dorado US West server. Our goals are still the same to group up. Have fun. Smash content. PvE. PvP. As well as attempt to gain control of a zone.

New World Guide

On the forums i started creating a guide that is not complete. Lots of stuff is always changing but can always use your help so we can funnel stuff onto this guide so we dont have information all over the place as well as info that is all over the web. So if you could check out the Guide and go over it and reply to it. Give input and changes to what section so we can get it looking better.

Chapter Leader

So with that being said we are with out a chapter leader for New World. In order for this game to keeping being a chapter we are in need of some one willing to lead. This is alot of work and dedication to recruit new members using various different methods, to answer the call of the ever loving flow of questions that pour into voice or text and to be able to make decisions for the betterment of the guild as well as the community.

As the chapter leader as well as any guild leader always has the support of the Tri / Board behind them to assist and coach them through any conflict, drama or decision they might have questions about. In order to become a chapter leader you will first need to let the Tri / Board you are interested in the job. Then we as the Tri / Board will give you a series of questions to answer while having a voice meeting with us. Then we will cast a vote to see if we feel you are a good fit to lead in Evolved then.

If no one steps up to be the chapter leader then we will be dropping its status and putting it down to casual. Which really just means there will be no growth due to no recruitment and people will dwindle off and it just becomes a casual side game until such time as some one wants to attempt to reboot it.