August 2021 Guild Meeting


As you all know we are approaching the highly anticipated release of second phase. As such there is various information that we will need to go over tonight that will affect us all for the foreseeable future. There will be a time for questions and answers when we are finished, so as always hold all questions until that time.

We want to thank you all for getting on tonight and joining us as we do our monthly meeting. So first on behalf of the officers, let me introduce everyone.
-Intro if wanted
Now, let’s move onto business at hand: Phase 2!
There are going to be several changes coming with Phase 2:

  • Guild Banks
  • SSC/TK – are you attuned?
  • PvP changes – Blue sets from vendor, Arena point changes, and honor point changes
  • LFG tool – huge
  • Sha’tari Skyguard / Ogri’la – Dailies == GOLD
    With all of these changes listed for the in game content, we also have some upcoming in game events to talk about:
  • Guild tabard contest – this will be listed on the forums following tonight’s meeting and will be discussed at length by Fuschia later tonight
  • Phase 2 release event! Vroop will be covering this at length later in the evening
  • Raid re signups ? Bot during meeting for sign ups?
  • Character swap (Main swap – how this is done, and affects raiding)


Let’s narrow down some of the bullet points and first talk about our continuing raids – We have two new raids approaching, and as such we have some members that still need Nightbane to attune, but don’t forget that you also have a quest line in Shadowmoon Valley – Cipher of Damnation. If you have not begun that, reach out to your fellow members, raiders, and officers to get this completed. There are a few more steps involved, and if you have already done the Cipher quest, maybe you just need the heroics, maybe you’re waiting on Mag? Let us know, and let’s figure out how to get that for you, so you are ready when the raids drop.
Alongside raiding and before we get further into that with Burden; we have two new factions approaching that each have daily quests coming with them. This means that for some players an easier access to gold which is needed for raiding. Not only do they cover some gold costs for you, but they also have some fun faction items as well as new epic flying mounts! So, make sure you start those dailies as quickly as they’re available to help you out if making gold has been an issue for you.
Finally, before I hand this over to Guinn and she breaks down our needs for recruitment let’s discuss main swaps. There are several players that are going to be continuing to raid with us in Evolved, but they might be changing their character they raid on for Phase 2. As always remember that you are allowed one character per phase to swap as your main, and once you are swap approved this will be the character/class you are listed as on roster. Your original character will lose its raider status, but you as a player/member of Evolved will not. This character will be subject to the same raid rules that applied on your original raider – gearing, potting/flasking, food, etc.
Now, let’s get into our recruitment needs and I will hand my time over to our amazing recruitment officer Guinn!


Hey all! It’s me Guinn, and I wanted to talk to y’all about our recruitment needs. We have been collating data from the guild of which classes and specs we have, and have outlined that in a graphic and to fill out comps for our 25’s to run two corps this is what we need:

  • Balance druid x 1
  • Holy paladin x 1
  • Protection paladin x 1
  • Enhancement shaman x 1
  • Restoration shaman x 4
  • Affliction warlock x 1
  • Destruction warlock x 2
    Filler text – Whatever Guinn needs to discuss, then segue into Fuschia and the tabard contest / Guild events


Hey y’all, it’s me Fuschia. Just wanted to talk with everyone about some upcoming guild events, and how they can help bring us as a guild and a community closer together. First up we have our tabard contest. After some deliberation we are changing the tabard and would like all of you to be a part of this! There will be a forum posting going over all the rules regarding this and how it will be done, but I will go ahead an spill the beans – the winner will receive not only their tabard being worn by all of our amazing guild members, but 500 gold in game! The officers are open to submit as well, but we will not be receiving gold the gold, the 2nd place winner will still receive the 500 gold pot!


Phase 2 Content:

  • Harder DPS Checks
  • Longer fights
  • More mechanics

We are going to be looking at

  • Bis Gear options from crafting
  • Max level enchants
  • Max level Gems
  • Parses above 40% (as well as a mixture of Activity time, DPS, Avoidable Damage taken)

First 2 weeks we will be taking
People that have performed in the past, fill a specific role and have put forth effort to help the guild/raids.
Sadly we are going to have to sit people in favor of Raid-Comp so we can get content cleared
After 2 weeks we will set a static Team or Teams if we can get them from recruitment.


Pre-Phase 2 Event - September 11th and 12th
Saturday night Fizz Events
Guild Bank addition.
Donation request
Gold. food, flasks, consumables, etc.


We thank all of you again for being a part of our meeting tonight. We covered some ground in phase 1 so far, and will continue to do so going into phase 2. As always please bring any of your thoughts or concerns to us, let us know what is going on in your noodle that is guild related. If you have ideas for events, or pop ups you would like to lead, let us know! If you have thoughts or concerns, or you just need to vent, Fushcia is a great listener btw, you can let us know! We’ll open the floor for now to take some questions and answers.


Thanks for all those questions! We’ve had a great time tonight, and we hope you have too! Have a wonderful evening/week, good luck to those raiding this week and safe travels to anyone going out this weekend!