August Screenshot Contest

Objective: Create a screenshot from in game that you believe represents the month of August to you. For example: summer, vacation, school, etc.

Post your screenshot here (Imgur is a great hosting site) with a short description or rationale. At the end of the month we will vote on the designs for creativity and fun! Votes will be done via a poll.

1st place: 85,000 gold
2nd place: 50,000 gold

** in the event of a tie, or only two entries, each participant will split the pot.

Here’s my example:

Rationale: For me, August is a time of learning and reading. I start grad school back up, I help coach teachers and I teach my own classes as well. Therefore, I took a picture next to my in game library.


In August, (busiest time of the year for my businesses) I’m the NPC who’s working hard shoveling dirt seemingly nowhere.


What represents august for me? Just another month so I chose the most obvious representation: a calendar



The Sacramento Valley in August is nothing but hot, hot, and more hot. But, hanging out in the river with an ice cold mojito offers some relief.


Please vote here ! voting ends 9/9