Battle for Dazar’alor Raid Performance


The general raid is focused on balancing inclusion, enjoyment and progression. As a general rule members will not be asked to sit out on encounters unless there are serious performance issues with either mechanics execution or with role performance, and then only after multiple learning “pulls” to ensure that all members have had enough experience with an encounter to ensure that performance issues are not related to unfamiliarity with the encounter itself.

As encounters become more familiar, overall raid performance improves, the raid will be able to absorb more members who struggle with meeting these performance requirements and we’ll be able to bring everyone along. Just keep in mind that you may be asked to sit out if we are working to get those encounters to that “farm” state and are having issues getting through the encounter.


Currently, during progression the minimum performance thresholds for “check” fights (where mechanical excellence cannot overcome a built in “check” boss feature) appear to be:

  • 10k DPS
  • 15k HPS

In both cases this appears to be approximately the 20th percentile for ilvl performance as measured by warcraftlogs.


As mentioned in the raid signup thread:

If you are being sat during raids due to poor performance please take the time to ask questions in regards to why you are being sat. There could be many different reasons as to why. Please take the time after the raid or on another date to get with your raid leaders or fellow officers and ask the question “What can I do to improve?” The tools linked below will assist us and you on how to better understand what your doing wrong. Could be as simple as not using an ability enough or you might not have never used it at all due to its not on your bar.

If anyone has any questions or concern. Please ask one of the Raid leaders or Officers.

Useful Links:

Additionally, some addons that may help:

If you’d like to build your own after reading something like Icy-Veins class guides:

Or, rotation weak auras:

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Note: For normal difficulty only Jaina phase 3 has turned out to be a “check”.

That may change as we do more heroic fights, but for now that’s the only one that has caused us enough “check” issues to ask some members to sit.

A lot of these fights are personal awareness as well. Those of us who raided in Legion know that Tomb of Sargeras was all about soak mechanics that would wipe the raid. I’ve noticed in BfA, most mechanics will kill a single person instead (for the most part). Big Wigs and Deadly Boss Mods provide the timers and notifications for these types of mechanics so make sure these addons are set up in a way so that you can keep an eye on the timers. Knowing when the abilities will come out before RL/RA calls them out goes a long way. Knowing the timing allows you to determine when big DPS cooldowns can be used between big movement.

One thing I have noticed from Heroic Mecchatorque is at ~20 seconds into the fight, bombs will be placed on 3 people. Blowing DPS cooldowns on pull is usually the best IF you can get like 90% or more of that buff onto the boss. Example: Demonology Warlock has a 1.5 min Tyrant and a 3 min Nether Portal cooldown. To maximize dps, the warlock will need time to spend as many Soul Shards during the Nether Portal buff and then cast Tyrant which can take up to 20 seconds to get these many casts off. When you reach the point where your damage is at the highest you might get the bomb debuff which requires you to run away. You can opt to save the big cooldowns until after the bomb comes before popping the big DPS cooldowns so that you aren’t running from the boss while your DPS cooldowns are active.

Pay attention to the pacing of fights and learn when the best time is for your class and raid strategy to use your big dps cooldowns.

Said it before and I will continue to say it…Get a Voice Pack for DBM (if you use DBM). The audio cues work extremely well to prepare for incoming mechanics.

I am pushing for less call outs during raid and more raid awareness. These voice packs help greatly.

Here is hazelnutty explain how to install them and set them up:

If you want to see an example of it, just watch my VoDs and you will here the voice pack come in during mechanics.

Agreed. Call outs for mechanics that can be easily tracked with DBM/BW shouldn’t be required. Comms should be used for more useful raid communication.

In addition to all of the above information we do ask that you take the time to review all our Evolved Warcraft Logs and plug them into WoWAnalyzer so you can review what your doing right or wrong. As well as compare your self to others of same class and spec from our Evolved Raid Roster and chat with them to better understand some abilities in question.

Take the time to re read our Raid Rules and Etiquette and ask your self, did i signup for the proper Raid Roster, Groups and Signups or maybe i should switch until i can better understand the Raid Tier.

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