Battleground Strategies

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Some of this is a little old, as I wrote it a couple of years ago. These are strats that when preformed correctly dominate the opposing faction. While these are meant for regular bg’s some information will be helpful in regards to RBG’s

These strategies are definitely not the only options and each game is a little different.
I will discuss and give specific strategies for the three most teamwork oriented BG’s (Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, Eye of the Storm) and gloss over the other three (Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest)

Overall Strategies:

No matter the BG, these strategies should be adhered to ensure maximum use of force.
 Never travel alone. Groups of 1, 2, and 3 are fatal. You want to move as a steamrolling juggernaut of 5 or more people as you go through any battleground, preferably with healers.
 Always buff yourself and others if you can.
 Always leave defense at the area you captured. Most important in Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, and Alterac Valley.
 Communication: Let the team know where the enemy is strong and where it is weak.
 Protect/Stay near healers. You help them, they help you.
 DPS focus on killing opposing healers.
 USE CC’s, movement impairing effects, interrupts, etc. Simply removing a healer or enemy member out of the combat can turn the tide of a battle. Remember not to hit the CC’d member until it either expires or the rest of the enemy is dead.
 Remain focused on the overall objective/strategy. Listen to the BG leader. Give them support, even if you think the idea is not the best, it’s better to work together than spend a minute arguing. Plans can change on the fly.
 Report AFK players. If we fail to do anything about them, they will continue to earn their meager honor and be OK with wasting everyone’s time.
 And the most important thing is: HAVE FUN. Even if you are losing, don’t get discouraged games are short, learn from mistakes and improve the next round.
 Damage or healing meters aren’t everything. The player who thinks about team first and uses CC’s/interrupts tends to be the most successful.


There are a few roles that you should be familiar with.
 Flag Carrier/Tank: Also known as Runner or FC. Best classes are Druids and Rogues as they can run faster than other classes. Paladins, Prot Warriors and Death Knights along with Healers can be good options too.
 DPS: Just like in PVE, DPS are the major damage dealers, meant to strike down enemy players and protect FC and Healers. There may be times where sacrificing yourself as a DPS is for the betterment of the overall objective (IE: giving enough time for the FC to get away or someone to cap a flag). You may die, but your sacrifice might give your team the win.
 Healers: Possibly the most important role in BG’s. This person will try and stay out of harm’s way and heal the others fighting. If an opponent goes after your healer then target them first. Also, attack opponents’ healers rather than their fighting classes.

Specific BG Strategies:

 Warsong Gulch (Capture the Flag) (10 players)
o Two of the most popular strategies are called “Ten” and “343/253”
• “Ten” Simply put this strategy is for all ten players to run as a cohesive unit, protecting the FC/Healers and killing the enemy FC healers. If you die you run back to the group. Doing this until all three flags are capped. Although there can be limitations to this strat. The goal is to kill the enemy FC in the middle, but if for some reason they escape you are forced to split up.
 “343”or “253” This strategy is probably the most popular. The team is split into 3 groups; Defense, Middle and Flag Carrier.
• (2 or 3 members) The Defense primarily focuses on slowing down the opposing team’s offense, by picking off members, slowing them down or just making life miserable. If the defense dies they need to call out to the middle how many and which direction they are going. Great classes for this role include: Hunters, Rogues, Paladins, Druids, Frost Mages, Priests and Shaman.
• (4 or 5) The Middle, as its name implies they are forced with the task of controlling the middle. They need to be extremely flexible not only should they be trying to camp the enemy GY, but also killing the enemy flag carrier if they get past the defense. The makeup of this group should consist of 2 or 3 Nuke DPS and 2 Heals. Hybrids are very helpful as they can off heal if healers are getting hit. Classes that are great for this are mainly ranged. Elem Shaman, Mages, Priests or Destruction Warlocks are great for CC and can be spec’ed to do some serious damage. If in a group of 5 you can do 2 ranged, 1 melee, and 2 healers.
• (3) The Flag Carrier group of course focuses on carrying the flag. They rarely do anything else, unless absolutely necessary. This group consists of a healer, Runner and Nuke DPS. A great class of the healer is a Paladin due to the flexibility of their toolbox and their big heals can overcome huge DPS hits, but any healer works just fine too. The flag carrier should be a class with lots of health (Prot Warriors/Paladins or Death Knights) or a good movement class (Rogues or Druids, possibly a Shaman). The Nuke DPS, although more important for the Middle group, it can still be helpful for getting rid of defenders fast and escaping. If all the Nuke DPS classes are in the middle then, any class with a CC toolbox will work. The DPS of this group is the player who may be required to sacrifice himself in order to allow the Healer and FC to escape.

 Arathi Basin (Arathi Basin is a map with 5 flag points that give points based on how many flags each faction controls. Capturing more flags results in faster points for the controlling team) (15 Players)
o Healers are very important for this BG. 5 to 7 makes for an easy win.
o The goal is to own 3 Flag points at all times, having 2 or 3 defenders at each.
o Once the team has three Flag points there should be a attacking/ defending group of 6 to 9 players available to rove around the Battlefield either forcing the enemy on the defensive or counteracting the enemies offense.
o Certain Flag points do have more importance over others. The best and easiest three to defend tend to be Lumber Mill (LM), Blacksmith (BS) and Stables (ST).
 LM – Gives you a clearer picture of the battle field, defenders can call out incomings (incs’s) for all three locations. Also Boomkin, Elem Shaman and Priests can get rid of pesky attackers by send them to their death (over the edge).
 BS – Gives you a way of cutting off attacks towards LM or ST.
 ST – Although not as important as the other two this gives you the third point and can easily reinforce LM or BS if needed.
o “6-6-3” The best way to start the game is to have 6-6-3. 6 for LM, 6 for BS and 3 for Stables. Healers should be prevalent in the groups for LM and BS, if possible 2 or 3 for each with one healer at ST. Once the flag has been capped at BS or LM 2 people should stay behind while the other 4 either help the other two points or hit Farm. If both BS and LM are taken care of instantly both should head to farm and the enemies GY trying to trap the other faction in their starting area.
o If everything works perfectly a small force can be sent to take (Gold Mine) and a 5 cap will make the game quick if enough enemies are trapped in their starting area.
o This of course is a perfect scenario, but Arathi Basin tends to not always be a perfect game. It is the most fluid Battleground and it’s up to everyone following their assigned roles and being flexible.

 Eye of the Storm (Capture the Flag with Flag Points. IE, Mix of both Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin) (15 players)
o Points are the most important part of this game controlling three points is an easy win running to the middle before 3 points is an easy loss.
o The more towers you have the more points you get from each flag cap.
o “7-4-4” Tends to be the most widely used strategy. 4 for each of the closest points to the starting zone, 1 or 2 healers with 2 or 3 DPS. 7 that hit one of the other points on the other starting zones, normally made up of 3 healers and 4 Nuke DPS. Once it has been decided that the enemies are not going to hit one of the first 2 points, one from each side can go to help the other 7. Once the third tower has been taken, the offense needs to turn their attention to either attacking the forth tower or helping defend one of the other towers that the enemy counter-attacked. Once you have forced the enemy to defend their one tower you can have 1 Flag Carrier run to the middle and cap the flag, but defending the 3 towers is more important than the flag.
o If done correctly and with enough healers a 4 cap is possible and camping the starting graveyard becomes fun and exciting.

 Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest
o Both are very similar and consist of 40vs40. Thus it is hard to get a big enough group together with only one guild.
o Both consist of killing the enemy general.
o A small group of 5 to 15 players though can make a huge difference in both battlegrounds. In AV they can go back and recap towers, making life miserable for the enemy. In IC they can go and cap points making the enemy spawn in their keep when they die.